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The consumer’s knowledge is a very important part when it comes to making decisions on what goods and services to buy. The need to go through what other people are saying helps the average consumer make life changing decisions. For example, many consumers in the past spend time going through the consumer report magazine to discover customer reviews, new products, cutting edge product alternatives, and how organizations were treating their customers. Essentially, this magazine gave them life with regards to buying the right products and services.

With the Internet all the rage, consumers have a new challenge getting whatever they need online covered in magazines like the consumer report. Instead, they are rushing to read reviews from fellow customers about experiences with various products, or service providers. Some industries however present a challenge to the consumer because there isn’t enough information to go back to before buying.

How students buy custom essays online

Essay writing companies provide a very critical service to the student- writing their essays, term papers, lab reports, research proposals, and theses. The problem arises when students have nowhere to find reliable reviews about services they are using online. But with review websites like, students can increase their chances of success.

Why we review custom paper writing agencies

Although there are many essay writing companies, there isn’t enough information students can use to vet the quality available. For example, to get what other people are saying about a given company, students have to visit blogs and forums for updates. Since there is anonymity, scams are rife.

This website was created to provide concrete reviews and feedback about different essay writing companies. In addition to this, also organizes all the information the consumer needs to make the decisions they should in one place. This saves their time with regards to finding the right service provider.

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How it works

This website is built on reviews. The first set comes from real customers of essay writing companies. Once we have received their views, normally in the form of comments and ratings, we use them to rank some of the students’ favorite service providers. These can be used by students as recommendations when they want to buy essays.

In addition, also sends out experts to investigate services offered by essay writing companies. The result of the investigation is a summary that describes the real potential of every essay writer to make their choice process smooth.